The Real Mulan

The real Mulan is nothing like what we see in cartoons or movies. The reality in the industry is a beautiful unreality. Meet Liu Zhushan, an attractive young lady who could have easily become an “influencer” simply by posting her selfies in Weibo. But unlike most influencers who flaunt their extravagant lifestyles, Miss Liu chose to join the army.

She was posted to an armoured regiment. A pioneering batch of female tank crew. The stark difference in the before and after pictures may make some weep. Such is the reality of military training and the sacrifice that needed from the modern day Mulan.

Natalie Siow, Second Serina Wee?

6 men and 2 women have been arrested in connection with a case of murder after a man collapsed at Orchard Towers on 2 July 2019. Satheesh Noel 31, was found seriously injured. CCTV footage showed the victim being assaulted by 8 people, 7 men and one woman. Satheesh was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital where he later died. 8 people were later arrested in connection with his death. Originally all charged with murder, 3 of them had their murder charge withdrawn on 11 July 2019.

4 of them, Tan Sen Yang, 27, Ang Da Yuan, 26, Joel Tan Yun Sheng, 26 and Natalie Siow 22 still faced the charge of murder with common intention and possible death penalty. Loo Boon Chong, Tan Hong Sheng and Chen Jia Xing had their charge reduced to consorting with Tan Sheng Yang. They face jail and caning and are are out on bail. Interestingly, within days after news of the murder first broke, a tongue-in-cheek “Natalie Siow Fan Club” emerged on Hardware Zone.

Since no one will take this “fan club” seriously, it’s unlikely the folks who started it will taken to task for trying to influence the course of justice. Nevertheless, it reminds me of Serina Wee (who has already paid for her crime). Natalie’s looks seem to have drawn a lot of interest in the case. The thread entitled NATALIE SIOW YU ZHEN FAN CLUB had generated 173 pages of comments when I last counted.

Could this be the Serina Wee syndrome all over again? Probably not. Since Natalie is still remanded in prison and no cameras are allowed inside the courtroom, journalists will not be able to take pictures of her walking in and out of court in her latest outfits.

Asia Pacific’s Most Beautiful Faces

Can’t say much about the English, but it’s really one of its kind here. Don’t be surprised if you’ve not seen or even heard of some of these stars (neither have I). And you probably don’t agree with some of them. I think No. 100 is gorgeous.

Downgrade Your Home

And give the Lord a better home. That’s what Kong Hee tells his devotees. I wonder how many “woke up” after hearing that. But then, who am I to say they can’t do that? Interestingly, this video has more dislikes than likes. There you see, the power of the silent majority.

Serina Wee Regains Her Freedom

Some are celebrating and some are crying foul. Like it or hate it, former City Harvest Church leader and Finance Manager Serina Wee, who was sentenced to 2.5 years’ jail for her role in the largest case of misuse of charitable funds in Singapore’s history, has been released from prison.

In case if you’re wondering if there’s any hint of “favouritism” here, former finance manager Sharon Tan, 43, who was given seven months’ jail, and former finance committee member John Lam, 50, who was given 1.5 year’s jail, had been released earlier. Strangely (or perhaps not too strangely), nobody cared or paid much attention to them.

Saying that 70% of Singaporean men adore her could be a bit of an exaggeration. I think 90% of them are curious about her and follow her as they would any celebrity criminal.

The entire City Harvest trial lasted 140 days – a record for Singapore and other than the few who have been following the court proceedings and going through the details of the case, the majority were only keeping an eye on Serina Wee’s outfits.

I wouldn’t call her a “tragic hero”. Her followers know and believe that she committed a crime. They just find it a pity that such a good looking creature could end up in such a harsh situation. She was finally found guilty of 6 counts of criminal breach of trust and sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. Some men have jokingly remarked that they were willing to get locked up with her. Well, even if their fantasy had come true, she is now a free woman. The nightmare is over for her. The dream is over for dreamers.

But wouldn’t it be nice if she agrees to an interview?