Maria Makino

is a Japanese pop singer and model. She is a 12th generation member of Japanese girl group Morning Musume. Below is an original picture from a “fan cam”.

161006 AMN 빅 콘서트 - 마키노 마리아 모닝구무스메 메들리 직캠 (Maria Makino) by DaftTaengk 48s.jpg

The video below shows us some very interesting possibilities and the magic of flattering photography without Photoshop.

Chinese Beauty Mo Fei 墨霏

The images below were captured on a CCTV1 show called 开讲啦 featuring Taiwanese singer 张信哲. Mo Fei 墨霏 was one of the panelists. I was curious and did a little Baidu.

Original name 徐晋璇, 墨霏 was born on 9 August 1984 in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. She graduated with a Masters degree from the Communication University of China. She first caught media attention after emerging as a finalist in a reality show. She went on to host a few TV programmes and payed minor roles in a few movies. The 张信哲 was probably recorded in early 2010s when she was first starting out.

Already in her late 30s, it would seem that 墨霏 would forever be under the radar. She went on to do some sexy photoshoots and that brought her some transient attention. Interestingly, she has no personal videos on YouTube. Below is a recent video in which she gave advice on how to make video presentations on Weibo.

Poor thing, she only got about 700 views for this 1-year-old upload

The entertainment industry can be cruel or even unfair. Sometimes, even pretty faces can’t make it. Not surprisingly, Mo Fei’s 写真 got her a lot more attention.

Puspa Dewi, For Real?

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, living room and indoor

There is an Indonesian singer by the name of Dewi Puspa, but stealing the limelight from the singer (resulting in mixed up texts and photos in searches), this is 53-year-old Indonesian grandmother and social media star Puspa Dewi – looking her best, but even without ideal portrait conditions, she doesn’t look too bad.

Berkat Anak, Puspa Dewi Jadi Lebih Awet Muda - Health

Puspa has two sons, Dennis Hadi and Danniel Hadi.

Her younger son Danniel is 23 this year, while Dennis, the father of Neil, will turn 26 this December. Back in 1993 (upper photo below), Puspa and her husband were still dating. The lower photo was taken in August 2020 when they already have a grandson.

Puspa attributes her youthful looks to exercise, a healthy diet, and a positive attitude. Her favourite activities are dancing, basketball, swimming, and aerobics. For Puspa Dewi, keeping fit and looking young are not just to look good and gain fans on social media. She runs a healthy food catering business and she is the company’s best advertisement.

That’s Puspa and her grandson. It’s people like Puspa Dewi that make the news and get millions of followers on social media. The trend that they set is a healthy one as long as it doesn’t make others set unrealistic goals for themselves. It should be noted that Madam Puspa’s makeup skills have improved tremendously over the years. All stars have their little secrets.