KYRGYZ // ARCHIVE of the first interviews of the project “National origins of beauty”

The National Origins of Beauty project (Les origines de la beauté) is a non-commercial art-documentary and research project about the ethnic diversity of humanity, represented through the beauty of women of all nationalities of the world.

The objective of the project is to fully, systematically and at the same time creatively show the real scale of the ethno-cultural multitude of people, to illustrate each original ethnicity, no matter how small it is and what political status it would not have.

It is ethnic groups, and not states, that are put at the heart of the project in order to clearly demonstrate the entire multinational flavor of the world that we do not see, focusing solely on racial or country-by-country typologies characteristic of various international competitions and other events. Limiting themselves to citizenship, about 90% of the peoples existing in the world that are not represented as independent states remain out of sight.

The National Origins of Beauty project was recognized by UNESCO and was first presented at the International Women’s Day exhibition at the organization’s Paris headquarters in March 2014.

This YouTube video remains but all links to Facebook pages and Flickr are dead.