Melissa Faith Yeo

Melissa Faith Yeo is in the news. Melissa who? Melissa her. Nope, I’m not her fan or follower. In fact, I’ve only heard about her recently. In this age of superficial things, there is often a lot more behind a pretty face than most people care to uncover. So I took a deeper look at the real Melissa Faith Yeo. I find her background and telling social media postings interesting enough to share on this page. First, a lame video.

No, she’s no standup comedian. Melissa Faith Yeo, a graduate of Ngee Ann Poly Mass Communications, was a popular blogger, model, actress. She is currently a property agent. She seemed to have first caught the public’s attention when she was voted one of FHM Singapore’s 100 Sexiest Women for 2008 and 2009. After going through her videos and social media postings, I find this woman a slightly more tolerable version of Xiaxue. This woman has more class, more style, but all reserved for only the worthy. Now 33, Miss Yeo faced four charges of insulting a public servant or public service worker under the Protection from Harassment Act. She was sentenced and fined $5,000 on 4 December2019.

I know what’s on most people’s minds now – bimbo. But being a property agent does add a layer of complexity to her character. Curious about what the real Melissa Yeo is like (and wondering if there’s more to see apart from that lame joke video), I decided to do a little research on her Facebook profile and YouTube. I’ve picked out a few interesting and hopefully “defining” posts.


I’m really a very poor judge of how popular an actress is (or ought to be) as I don’t watch TV at all. But after venturing into the property sector, Melissa Faith Yeo seemed to have earned herself some bragging rights. She might even qualify as a socialite given that she gets invited to her clients’ weddings.

I’m perfectly OK with this sort of self promotion. After all, she’s doing sales in a crazily competitive market. You can’t afford to be modest about what you have done and what you can do.

Well, her fans might be a bit disappointed with that dress she wore on that wedding, given her highly publicised boob job in Thailand. But then, that may not be an issue since she’s now a “realtor”. She goes one step further.

Let’s go back to her offence now. So what did she do to deserve the fine? According to court documents, she allegedly made an obscene hand gesture and used vulgarities on assistant station manager Victor Chuang Shi Chang on Nov 21 last year. Now look at a post she made this year.

Like many of us, Melissa appeared to be disgusted (the Haha emoticon is from me) with the woman (she “respectfully” referred to as “aunty”) who attempted to pry open an MRT door when she realised that she was about to miss a train. This would make her look like a considerate commuter, so why did she show the middle finger and spew profanities at the MRT staff (and an “uncle” to boot)? A little more on this uncle/auntie thing in a moment.

There is only one explanation. Some people can have such a sophisticated persona on social media but they are not hesitant with vulgarity in real life – especially with people they consider “below” them.

So much for the MRT. In a second incident on April 2 this year, at about 5.40pm, Yeo allegedly used an expletive on investigation officer Isabella Lee while at the Ang Mo Kio Police Division.

A month later, Yeo was at a block of flats in Ang Mo Kio when she made a remark containing a profanity while speaking to emergency hotline police operator Domnic Sankar Dass at about 6.30pm.

I won’t go into the details of what she said on those occasions, but check this out. We’re on the bus this time (and Melissa Faith Yeo was not on it). Also posted this year, she called out on ridiculously inconsiderate commuters again. Old people privilege strikes again.

While I certainly do not support the actions of this elderly person, Melissa’s highlight of this incident seems to suggest that it’s universal thing among the old and burdensome folks. The bottom half of the post was deliberately included. I won’t advertise for the favourite makan places, but suffice to say that Melissa is definitely a big fan of fine-dining. She even appears to be a champion of single mothers’ rights in calling out a restaurant for discriminating against a single mother.

She chastised the restaurant for its “snobbery” and for being “elitist”, ironically ending the posting by giving it a label of “low-end” restaurant. So does she mean that a high end restaurant could be forgiven for doing the same? Obviously, a more appropriate tag for the restaurant would be one of “shallowness” or “bigotry”.

Melissa Faith Yeo is of course not new to all this moralising. About the same time she insulted MRT staff and the police, she also jumped on the bandwagon to #metoo Eden Ang. Does he deserve all that? I’m sure he does, but what about the girls? Was he obviously creepy? Were they completely innocent in accepting his offers? I don’t think so.

Frankly, if you were to ask me, I would say that they are all the same kettle of fish. Xiaxue is arrogant and annoying, but at least she is real. As for these folks, they make good entertainment both on and off screen. I hope she sells more houses after this.

Melissa Faith Yeo before surgery. She shared this photo on social media herself.