Natalie Siow Escapes The Gallows

16 weeks since July 2 Natalie Siow was arrested and charged with a man’s murder. As it was a capital offence, she has been kept in remand. Soon after her images went public, interest in her case soared. Some netizens even remarked: “how can chio bu be murderer?”

For a moment, it seemed as if Natalie Siow would become the next “celebrity criminal” ala Serina Wee, but make no mistake, this is no City Harvest saga. As the days went by, interest thinned out and there was hardly any mention of Natalie Siow as most folks switched channels to Hong Kong.

Then, on 18 October 2019, Natalie Siow was brought before the judge again. Her prayers were answered. She was told that her murder charge had been reduced to assault. She could be released on bail to go home to her family. Natalie Siow stole the limelight from Hong Kong for a while, but to be fair, the attention she got is nowhere near to that which Serina Wee has been showered with.

This is her Facebook profile. In brackets under her name, is the Thai word “na rak” (lovely or cute). Surprisingly, she only has 2447 followers as of 24 October 2019. What next? A book? Let’s not mock. I doubt anyone would like to go through her ordeal just for the publicity.

She may still need to go to jail minus the time she spent in remand, but I always believe in second chances. Let’s hope she chooses her friends wisely from now on.